Rachel Cline - Founder // Procurer of all things beautiful.

How many people actually get to do what they wanted to as a child, well Rachel does.  Having an interest in fine art from a very young age she often dreamt of owning her own gallery (along with becoming a fashion designer and marine biologist). This may be why her approach to work is so personal and deeply-rooted; she has a passion for the arts and design!  For Rachel, weather its curating a private collection with intent and detail or assembling a group of talented craftsmen for the next big hospitality install, the work itself is truly rewarding and special -- just like each client and each project.

When Rachel is not happy at work her gypsy side comes shining through.  You'll find her exploring the desert, sitting seaside or planning her next big trip -- with husband and dogs in tow of course.  While at home you'll find her in the kitchen cooking up something yummy (and vegetarian),out running, picture taking or pouring over design ideas for her modern dream farm house that's still to be...



Prince (AKA P-Dog) - Chief love dog and master cave builder.


Bella - President of comedic relief and "keeping it real".